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Two Continents, Same Standards of Excellence

Thank you for visiting the web site of Martin R. Marasigan Law Offices, with offices in Houston, Texas, and in Manila, The Philippines. This dynamic and innovative law firm has the knowledge and experience to help you overcome most of the legal hurdles you may encounter along the way. Whatever the nature of the legal matter you are seeking to resolve, you will find that at the Martin R. Marasigan Law Offices, we represent you in the most courteous and professional manner. Whether you speak English, Spanish, or Tagalog, you will find an attentive ear at our law firm.

In our Houston office, we practice mainly in the areas of Immigration and Naturalization Law, Family Law, Corporate Law and Personal Injury. Our clientele includes not only recent immigrants seeking to adjust their status or to file a petition for a loved one, but also regular Americans seeking legal advice on family or business matters

and injured workers looking for an authoritative and understanding representation work on their behalf. Our Manila office handles labor, civil, criminal and administrative cases including real estate issues. We provide a variety of legal services to individual, group and corporate investors who wish to stake a claim in the lucrative Filipino real estate market.

Personalized Service

Attorney Martin R. Marasigan is proud of his reputation as a friendly and accessible lawyer who believes in putting the client’s interest first. He prides himself on providing direct one-on-one contact with the client, rather than having a paralegal or legal secretary as an intermediary. His goal is to ensure that every one of his clients is fully satisfied and recommends this law firm to others. Because his clients on both continents come from such diverse backgrounds, he has become proficient at crafting a unique solution for each individual client.

Contact us today if you would like to have a personal attention of a warm, courteous, friendly and effective attorney. We offer a variety of payment options including contingent fees, installment plans and a free initial consultation.

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