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Martin R. G. Marasigan Law Offices provides many different forms of legal representation to a very diverse clientele on two continents. Since 1987, we have served the Filipino public from our office in Manila, The Philippines and since 1996, we have been providing the same high quality legal representation to clients in the United States through our office in Houston, TX. Martin R. G. Marasigan Law Offices is one of the few law firms authorized to served as a notary public for the Philippine Consulate in Texas.

From our Houston office, we help our clients obtain a prompt and satisfactory resolution to all kinds of matters related to Immigration and Immigration Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation. Meanwhile, our Manila office focuses more on the real estate and represents both local and foreign investors interested in acquiring property in The Philippines. At either location, our clients include individuals, families, groups and business in need of competent, reliable, effective and courteous legal representation.

Individualized Care

At Martin R. G Marasigan Law Offices, we take the time to stop, listen and learn about your legal situation. We know from our vast experience that it is only by understanding exactly what you want that we can offer you the best legal representation available. Whether you speak English, Spanish or Tagalog, you will find an eager ear here. Attorney Martin Marasigan will return your phone calls promptly, listen to your requests and respond to your individual concerns. Our law firm does not offer any “boilerplate” solutions to legal problems. Instead, we offer a highly personalized service in a casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our legal strategies are specifically drawn up to meet the needs of individual clients and to craft a satisfactory solution to each legal problem. Because we are a smaller law firm, we can afford to bypass all the red tape and hassle typical in many law offices. Our goal is to serve you directly and we don’t let anything come between us. If you want your legal matter handled by a warm, friendly, courteous and competent attorney, contact us today to schedule a free initial interview.